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Training Ground Classes

Trampoline training classes for beginners to advanced aerialists. Enjoy a private lesson with one of our top tier instructors or join one of our 10-week sessions. Truly some of the most fun you can have hands down! We teach trampoline basics and everything in between, from front and backflips, to off axis snowboard and skiing airs, all the way up to perfecting your level 10 trampoline routine.

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Kids / Mini Program

Mini Program

The Mini Program features beginner gymnastics positions like pike, tuck and candlestick as well as obstacles, games and toys for ages 2-6 years old. Children will have fun with games, pre-gymnastics, beginning sports skills, strength and manipulative skills and social skills.

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Open Air

Open Air

Open Air is an opportunity for individuals, who know trampoline basics, to practice their tricks and master new ones! Open Air will take place on the House of Air Training Ground and is available to participants 7 and up!It's like Open Jump, with an adrenaline rush!

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Workout Classes

Workout Classes

Air Conditioning Classes at House of Air will leave your cheeks just as sore as your quads from smiling so much. Without a doubt, this is the most exciting workout you can get in public. Did you know that 10 minutes jumping on a trampoline equates to 33 minutes of running? Lose weight and feel great and have a ton of fun doing it! Want more details?

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Dodgeball Tuesdays

Dodgeball Leagues

Looking for something to break up the monotony of the work / school week? We have just the thing for you - not just Dodgeball - Trampoline Dodgeball. Always remember the Five J's Of Dodgeball - Jump, Juke, Jive, Jostle, and Panic. NO throwing wrenches. Pirates are encouraged. Chuck Norris plays for free and is never out. Join a league or come on in to join up with our hourly dodgeball sessions during Open Jump.

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Private Coaching

This is an opportunity for any athlete at any level to get a chance to work on a direct 1-on-1 basis or within a small group with any of our super-star coaches to focus on specific needs, skills, and progressions. Lesson content may include sports-specific direction and application, and the coaches will always keep in mind the athlete’s goals and competition calendar to yield peak performance during competition.

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Summer Camp

Join us for our 5th summer camp at House of Air! Flyers will have exclusive access to the Matrix and Dodgeball Colosseum before the park opens taking part in trampoline games. One of the coolest parts of camp is when flyers spend time with our Training Ground pros and learn all the flips and tricks. In addition to all the fun jumping, flyers will enjoy sports, games, activities, and lunch in the wonderful surroundings of the Presidio and Crissy Field.

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Boosted Boards

Boosted Boards Electric Skateboards

"Forget about Segway, Boosted's electric skateboard feels like an object from the future dropped into the present, more in the realm of Marty's hoverboard."

Tantek C.

The Boosted Board is the next generation of awesome. If you're already a gnarly carver, want to be the next Tony Hawk, or just dream of flying, then the Boosted Board is for you.

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Meet the Trainers

Royal - Training Ground Trainer


After starting to work at House of Air two years ago, Royal has picked up a real talent at teaching and trampolining. He spent his first year and a half jumping out on the matrix pushing himself to become better at trampoline. Now Royal is one of our most advanced trainers! Royal teaches all ages and will push hard to get you to learn your skill! Royal has open availability for privates and wants to help you learn up on our training ground!


  • Beginner-Advanced Flipping
  • Beginner/Intermediate Wall
  • Beginner/Intermediate Gymnastics


JT, a bay area native, has always enjoyed extreme sports. At age 7, JT started inline skating. During his years skating, JT learned how to maneuver his body, especially off axis. From going skating to playing basketball, JT is passionate about having a good time while staying active. Not only does JT have extreme sports skills to bring to the training ground team, but also is a fan favorite with toddlers during our mini program.


  • Advanced Off-Axis
  • Beginner Gymnastics
  • Toddler classes


Marshall grew up skiing competitively on the east coast. There he attended a ski academy, Carrabassett Valley Academy (CVA) for high school where he learned the fundamentals of acrobatics and freestyle skiing tricks. After graduating from CVA Marshall continued competing on the pro circuit and based himself out of Breckenridge, Colorado. For four years, Marshall worked as the head coach of a summer trampoline camp with a focus on freestyle skiing called FreeStyle America.


  • Skiing/Snowboarding
  • Off-Axis
  • Progression
  • Acrobatic Fundamentals


Carlee has grown up around the trampoline culture her whole life. Starting at age 3, Carlee started gymnastics, but at age 9 moved on to competitive cheerleading. For 8 years, Carlee competed at the highest level of cheerleading. For a part time job, she started coaching cheerleading where she found a love for teaching and coaching-especially toddler classes. After working at House of Air for a few years, Carlee has stepped into her role as a trainer and Programs and Safety manager. She not only teaches classes up on the Training Ground, but teaches our Air Conditioning Aerobics classes and loves them! In her free time, Carlee enjoys going down to her house in Mexico to practice her wakeboard skills she practices on the training ground.


  • Cheerleading
  • Beginner/Intermediate Gymnastics
  • Beginning Boardsports
  • Fitness